Internet is the greatest rising marketing medium today, simply because the majority of your prospects use extra time online than understanding a newspaper / magazine, watching TV or other media. It makes endless extra sense to invest in online marketing nowadays as its cheap and hits your prospects are straight.

If embattled properly and message crafted aptly, e-marketing be able to help you deliver the right satisfied to the right prospect at the right time in the advertising cycle and endlessly achieved high comeback rates from excellence prospects. Perhaps, that would clarify why Microsoft sends out over 20 million email advertising pieces every month.

If you are still confident, then here is the top 10 reasons, why, you should invest in email advertising right away.

Global reach: No substance wherever you are or whom you require reaching, targeted emails pave the method. Borders are no obstacles in email advertising.

Lower cost: Costs incurred in designing, executing, testing, distribution and getting an email is up to 78% less for a run of 5000 over paper-based direct mail account. At what time you add e-mail to your advertising mix, you expend less time, money and resources than with traditional advertising vehicles like straight mail or print marketing.

Interactive: You be able to innovative start campaign with graphics, videos, melody, question, sport or what on earthling that will be of interest to your vision, to grab his notice and interest right away.

Highly personalized: Email enables you to personalize and greet every user you target. This helps in creating a special bond with the prospects.

Round the clock marketing: With an email the receiver can recognize your offers even at what time you are out of place of work.

Measurable results: Extraordinary tools are on hand that accurately calculate click-through rate, exchange rate, how a person indoors at your website, and additional, to allow you to assess the achievement of special email campaigns.

Targeted marketing: Since prepackaged and custom-built lists are accessible, you might reach only those who is a strength requires your services, solutions or goods with not bothering those who perform not. You be able to choose all one of your targets based on tops of geography, era profits, spends, plus a lot of other parameters.

Opt-in or unsubscribe options: Emails enclose opt-in and opt-out options which assist you to choose your prospects and achieve simply the ones authentically involved in your assistance.

Faster response: Time to be given responses from side to side e-mail is solitary to three days, anywhere you determination acquire the highest response on top of day one itself, even as a straight mail operation would take the lowest quantity 7 to 12 days to make any responses. Additional, responding to a straight mail is more awkward, at the same time as a person can respond to an email straight away.

Simplest: Executing an email operation is easy and you be able to do it sitting at home with now any wide resources.

Online advertising is a high comeback and opportunistic medium for communicated by means of customers, plus if executed correct, has the clout to carry vast benefits in the direction of your business. Go to the front, start a much targeted e-marketing and see your income grow. A lot of your competitors be doing it already!

Email Marketing Packages (UAE)

Package No. Of Email Shots No. Of Email Addresses Total Package Price
Package No. 01 05 Email Shot 3,25,000 USD 100/- Order
Package No. 02 10 Email Shot 3,25,000 USD 180/- Order
Package No. 03 15 Email Shots 3,25,000 USD 250/- Order

Important Note:

Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group has privilege to discontinue any campaign due to non-payment of any associates.

Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group notable to run any campaign of Political Party or any Religion.

Above packages are valid for 30 Days.

All emails sent from the Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group System will include the message “This email send by Syed’s Marketing Company – Responsible only for Email Marketing Activity”, or a variation thereof at the end of the email, this will include a link of Syed’s Marketing Website & Logo.

Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group will not be responsible if any client not receiving any response of the campaign.

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